Benefits of Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Foam is better, hands down

Compared to gels and sprays, foam offers an experience that is far superior. It spreads easier, doesn't stick or clog, all while maximizing the effectiveness of the sanitizing process.



Slip and slides for for backyards, not for hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer gels tend to slip and slide, making if feel like you're handling a hot potato. Foam, on the other hand, spreads evenly and easily, not only making the experience more enjoyable, but also making the hand sanitizer more effective.



Stick it to stickiness

Gels exist because they are easier to spread than pure liquid hand sanitizer. The side effect is that it makes your hands sticky. With foam, the messiness of liquid and the stickiness of gel is completely avoided.



Sprays are wasteful

With each spray, 50% is likely to either evaporate or miss your hand completely. That means you'll have to use twice as much to reach the same germ-killing effectiveness as foam.



Warning about Alcohol-free

Alcohol-free sounds nice, but it isn't. The active ingredient is usually Benzalkonium Chloride, which is linked to asthma and germ resistance.



Starter Kits: A great place to start your foam party

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